BennVogel Guitars creates fully customizable electric guitars with incredible resonance and unique design.

Each customer is involved in every step of the creative process (choosing the wood, contour, materials, components, art design, patterns, and colors). The result is a very high-end, one-of-a-kind instrument, which can hold its own with any axe out there.

BennVogel Guitars is the realization of a dream shared by the owners, Jeff BENNett and Jeff WaldVOGEL.

Jeff and Jeff met in Northern California in 1983 and found they shared a common interests, namely Rock ‘n roll and Guitars. Although each has pursued a different vocational path (finance vs engineering) their mutual love and respect for the guitar has been the bond that held their friendship together.

In 2014 they decided, rather than continue to hunt for the holy grail (a guitar that had phenomenal resonance, high end components and a totally unique style), they would simply build one themselves.

Thus, BennVogel Guitars was born. We believe that a BVG is something truly unique and special and has a place in almost any guitar player’s collection.

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to spend our time working with a wide variety of guitarists, customizing and creating their own BennVogel guitar.

It’s a labor of love and we are extremely excited to have this opportunity to share the BVG with the world.